Effects Of Standing On Concrete Floor

Keeping your body in the same position, especially for a longer period, is like torture! You can already imagine the different pains that will arise afterward. If your workplace or institution requires you to stand in lines, stay stationed or work while standing, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Yes, you guessed … Read more

How Long Before Walking On Concrete

You can probably guess when you see footprints or handprints on dried concrete that someone touched the material before it was ready. Most people have questions about how long concrete takes to set or harden. When can you walk on concrete? When can you drive on it? How long before walking on concrete? These are … Read more

Tips for Walking on Concrete All Day

In routine, people have to walk on hard surfaces. But those who walk on concrete floors for hours have to be a bit cautious. They should follow tips for walking on concrete all day; otherwise, they may experience swollen feet and back pain.  Tips for Walking on Concrete All Day Different jobs require constant walking … Read more

Is walking on concrete bad for you

Walking is the most efficient and pleasant form of exercise. It may assist you in regulating your blood sugar, decreasing weight, and increasing blood flow throughout your body. So, what do you think if we ask you that is walking on concrete bad for you? Don’t misunderstand us just yet. Walking on concrete may be … Read more

Does walking on concrete hurt your knees?

Does walking on concrete hurt your knees? It is the question that bothers many walkers. If the floor is concrete where you mostly walk, you have to be very careful about your feet and knees. To avoid joint pain and arthritis, it is a fact that the waking surface matters. While you typically do not … Read more

feet hurt from walking on concrete barefoot

Does walking barefoot on the concrete hurt your feet? Maybe or maybe not. To be honest, walking barefoot on concrete has both positive and negative aspects. Nowadays, wearing shoes or footwear everywhere is a fashion, and if we see someone without shoes or footwear, we consider them a poor person who can’t afford a pair … Read more

Knee, hip, and leg pain from walking on concrete

Walking provides your body with many benefits. It helps to reduce the chances of many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, etc. Walking can be bad for your health in case if you walk on concrete for a long time. It can affect your legs pain, knees, feet causing pain in them. leg pain from walking on … Read more

Unsealed concrete floor health risks

Unsealed concrete floor health risks for your life. Walking is a simple physical activity which has no doubt a lot of health benefits. If you take a brisk walk daily for 15 to 20 minutes, you will be amazed by its benefits.  Everybody should walk almost 15 to 20 minutes per day to live a … Read more